Russian Social Media Disruption Report

Hot Singles In Your Area Want to Putin💋

Part 1: Disrupting democracy

My Russian Crazy Wall, Version 1.0 (partial view)
Actress Claire Danes in front of a Homeland ‘crazy wall’

Part 2: Persona Management Software Systems

So, how can we know if they are really “Russian?”

Character levels

Part 3: Government manipulation of social media

Reports from inside the troll farm

Nashi leaks of 2012

“These bots succeeded in blocking the actual message feed with that hashtag,” he wrote.

The rate at which pro-government messages were posted, about 10 per second, suggests they were being done automatically rather than by individuals…”

The facts about the Internet Research Agency

Google Street View of the famous 55 Savushkina address

Moscow Information Technologies

Part 4: Fake news rings


Russian coordination?



Part 5: Micro-targeting

“Senator Mark Warner, the top-ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said Tuesday that the “million-dollar question” about the Facebook ads centered on how the Russians knew whom to target.”

Cambridge Analytica

Internet monitoring in Russia

“It allow[s] the agency to unilaterally monitor users’ communications metadata and content, including phone calls, email traffic and web browsing activity. […] In 2014, the system was expanded to include social media platforms…”

Part 6: Signals, indicators & detection

Crazy Wall, lower half, Version 2.0

Part 7: Key takeaways

Part 8: In conclusion:

“The internet will continue to be a confusing information-psychological warzone until the networked-ness of information is made visible so that people can easily and instantly see where stuff’s coming from and who/ what it’s associated with and what effects their interacting with it may have.”

Crazy wall entity cards on my chicken feeder

Canadian Author & Historian of Quatria

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