Apple Music refuses to acknowledge burgeoning bagpipe interest

I have a slightly embarrassing confession to make:

I’m getting interested in bagpipes...

There, I said it.


This journey began long ago, in a faraway place called Maine. Some six years now.


I admit there’s something fun about how culturally-borderline/potentially socially unacceptable bagpipes are. It’s most definitely one of those things you either love or hate. But either way, it’s sure to get a reaction.

Aside: This is a fun first-person video, if a bit long, about bagpipes in Southern Italy:

Training the algorithm

I’m a pretty much constant listener of music. You could say, that, where I’m from, there’s always music in the air… So getting into Apple Music has been great — except for the fact that it seems to have a pretty narrow idea of what I might find interesting.

Bagpipes are people too.

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