German U-Boat Sinks Allied Ship, Willy Stöwer, 1916 (Library of Congress)
German U-Boat Sinks Allied Ship, Willy Stöwer, 1916 (Library of Congress)
German U-Boat Sinks Allied Ship, by Willy Stöwer, 1916 (Library of Congress)


Quite unexpectedly, I have been deluged with inquiries from around the globe about how the Lost Books of Quatria and the tales contained therein came into my possession. While I wish I could take full credit, I must admit that I was not the first to find the hidden way back to Quatria. It was, in fact, revealed to me via a 100 year old mystery, which in many ways is equally, if not more curious than that ancient lost world itself.

In 1916, a German U-boat sank a merchant marine ship flying Allied colors off the coast of Antarctica…

By now, we’ve all heard about deepfakes. What most people don’t know, is you can make them yourself now for next to nothing. Using a service called Deep Word. It is probably one of the scariest and most compelling technologies I’ve ever seen.

I think the (partial) answer to these technologies lies in talking about them candidly. Many people still think they are too expensive, time-consuming, or difficult to create. They are not. Any idiot can do it now, like me. Or you.

How to do it:

  1. Head over to

I have for years kept up a friendship with a most interesting individual who I met in certain online circles over a decade ago, and to whom I will refer here as Mr. X for privacy reasons (or “X” for short). Though we had fallen out of touch for some time, X and I go way back. Which is why I was delighted when they contacted me out of the blue recently, sliding into my private home Mailbug inbox, even though I didn’t think I’d given them the number or appropriate access permissions.

“do you believe in quatria now”


NFT Artist Spotlight

What’s a Chibson?

If you’ve ever gone to a guitar store and seen an incredible deal on a Gibson guitar, you’ve either never gone to a guitar store (cause Gibsons cost $$$), or you got taken in by a clever forgery. This phenomenon has been nicknamed “Chibson” guitars by the internet, based on their supposed bootleg manufacture in China. Countless web forums and YouTube videos offer tips and tricks on how you can differentiate a “real” Gibson guitar from a cheap Chibson knock-off, but the truth is a bit trickier!

This lengthy but insightful 2012 reply to a thread in

Lost Books is an indie blockchain publisher specializing in NFT books. This essay explains how I published a regular book as an NFT.


You might have heard of NFTs, or non-understandable tokens, as most people probably know them. Without going into what they are too much (go search Google), just think of them as digital collectibles, or “assets” which can be owned and traded using cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum (ETH).

I’m not going to spend this essay trying to prove whether or not they are a good thing. Audiences can make up their own minds about that (and in my…

As cryptoartists, we are all f***ing tired of shill threads. They’re exhausting & it’s rare they help you get the sales or recognition you want & deserve.

What if I told you, there’s another way?

As an early adopter and experimenter in crypto-technologies, and recognized expert in #NFTs and virtual real estate, I was excited to discover a new augmented reality (AR) app called Superworld. What fun!

Superworld aims to be a 1-to-1 mapping of virtual plots to the physical globe, such that users can buy and sell virtual rights to a given location.

Big Promises

There is additionally supposed to be (I’m not a mobile user) a mobile app which links the Superworld plots to AR graphics embedded in these virtual locations.

What’s more, the app makes a pretty big promise that owners of these virtual…

(BLOCKCHAIN) — NFT Trillionaire, World-Famous Crypto Artist, was interviewed today by The Debrief, a popular technology news website about the #NFT craze, and the development of crypto-art in the Metaverse.

The article covers the incredible half a million dollar sale of crypto-artist Krista Kim’s amazing Mars House. You can read it in full here:

Selected quotes from NFT Trillionaire, World-Famous Crypto Artist:

“The NFT market is all about what people agree on as having value, including things that exist only virtually or digitally,” Timothy Boucher, an NFT artist who goes by ‘NFT Trillionaire, World-Famous Crypto Artist’ online, told The Debrief…

(CRYPTO-ART) 16 Mar 2021 — NewsChan: Renowned NFT Trillionaire, World-Famous Crypto Artist, has released the first set of the new collectible NFT epic series, the High Augurs of Quatria.

Created in Procreate on an iPad Pro using an Apple Pencil, this series is inspired by the mythological events and histories described in the Lost Books of Quatria. The series depicts the High Augurs, who were the ceremonial and actual heads of state within Ancient and Early Quatrian society.

These items are offered for sale on OpenSea in the Quatriana collection.

High Augur Death Mask (Study)

Originally conceived of as a Death Mask for Emachus, the…

Timothy S. Boucher

Canadian Author & Historian of Quatria

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